A Mini Lip enhancement is an injectable filler treatment used to add volume to the lips. A Mini Lip is perfect for those with naturally thin lips or those who are noticing their lips thinning with age. Results are always subtle and immediate.


Dr. Cooze is a trained and certified injection practitioner who has honed his technique over many years, on patients around the world. Working with Dr. Cooze ensures that you will receive the highest standard of patient care and that you will get the best results possible. Every time.

KlinikMD-Mini Lips in Victoria BC

High Quality Lip Injections in Victoria

Lips are very commonly volumized or plumped up with dermal fillers. One of the most common and safest fillers used are hyaluronic fillers. These are natural substances that are actually long chain sugar molecules. They are present throughout your body and provide volume to your skin and lubrication for your joints.


What makes the Mini Lip treatment different is that we use a small amount of filler (we start with a quarter of a syringe). After your treatments and your results have settled, if you decide that you want more volume, then we can book a follow up appointment to add more. This ensures your lips never look over done. Every time.

Natural Looking Lips. Always.

During treatment, very small amounts of high quality dermal filler (we use Juvederm®  or Teoxane® ) are administered to the lips via a fine needle. We pre-treat with a topical anesthetic and all the dermal fillers we use contain lidocaine, most patients experience very little discomfort during the injection process.


The treatment takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes, and no recovery time is required. You can continue with your daily routine. You will see changes are visible directly following treatment, full results will not be evident for about a week.

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How long do they last?

How long your Mini Lip treatment lasts can vary and depends on a variety of factors including: how much product is injected, your metabolism, and your desired plumpness. On average, you can usually expect anywhere from two to six months.


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